RHA Energy Partners

The University of Hawaii at Manoa (UHM), PV Power Plant Master Plan

Year: Ongoing
Client: University of Hawaii
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RHA Energy Partners, as a subconsultant to G70 (Prime) provided technical design and master planning for campus-wide Solar PV and Battery Energy Storage systems for the University of Hawaii’s 300 acre flagship campus. RHA is providing conceptual design and modelling of over 200 individual PV systems, totaling more than 57 MW of PV systems consisting of various rooftop PV, ground-mount PV, vertical building-integrated PV, superstructure rooftop PV, roadway and walkway PV canopies, parking canopy PV systems, and also including 20 MW of Battery Energy Storage systems. Work included coordination and evaluation for PV integration onto the campus’ approximate 50 MW peak power demand and 12 kV primary electrical distribution grid.

Future Task Order 3, currently in contracting procurement processing, includes supporting UH Manoa’s preparation and submittal of its Plan Review Use (PRU) permit application to the City & County of Honolulu with respect to results and findings from the PV master plan for the campus. Additional Task Order 4, currently in contract scoping and negotiation with UH Manoa, includes additional schematic design and 100% design of select PV and/or battery energy storage systems which UH Manoa may elect for further development and installation. This scope of work may include detailed software modelling and power flow study of UH Manoa’s primary 12 kV electrical distribution grid to further evaluate the PV and/or battery energy storage systems’ potential impact to the campus’ primary electrical distribution grid or needs for future electrical infrastructure upgrades that may be required.