RHA Energy Partners

Beretania Pumping Station Energy & Peak Demand Savings Study

Year: 2021
Client: Honolulu Board of Water Supply

The Board of Water Supply (BWS) retained RHA Energy Partners to evaluate the BWS’s Beretania Pump Station’s electric utility rate structures, historical electric utility costs, feasibility of various on-site solar PV and energy storage opportunities, and energy saving, shifting, or peak demand reduction strategies with the goal of identifying and implementing electric utility cost savings and increasing power reliability and resiliency at the Beretania Pumping Station.

RHA Energy Partners identified viable pump system modifications with variable frequency drives, identified additional on-site solar PV system potential, and evaluated various energy storage technologies including lithium-ion batteries, compressed air energy storage, flywheels, and traditional diesel fuel generators. Results of the study provided recommendations for the BWS on pending pump station modifications.